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Service Process

You can contact our sales specialist in the following ways:

Telephone order: 18521331115 or 13645171197 (same Wechat number)

Email contact: OR

1. After determining the sequence of the synthetic peptide and the requirements for the synthetic quantity and purity, we will immediately give the quotation according to the provided peptide information and the price standard. In case of special modification, the peptide technicians with special properties will study and analyze, give the customer's suggestions, and give the comprehensive price.

2. Sign peptide synthesis contract and confidentiality agreement if necessary (drafted by the company).

3. The customer sends the order information to our sales email. The salesperson will arrange production according to the information provided by the customer, and report the production progress to the customer every Monday or Friday. Progress can include progress, quality control data, difficult problems and solutions. If there are difficulties, the technology R & D team will actively respond to them and provide customers with the most satisfactory solutions.

4. The peptide can be delivered only after it is fully qualified and released by QA. The customer shall be informed of the delivery number and relevant report information on the same day. Provide corresponding HPLC, MS and COA documents. Quality control includes qualified purity, synthetic quality, molecular weight, solubility, etc. (Note: nuclear magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, elemental analysis, moisture content determination and amino acid analysis services can be provided if there are special needs). SF express is the default in China, and FedEx is the default in foreign countries, and customers are reminded to check.

If customers have any questions in the process of storing and using peptides, they can contact us at any time and be guided by professionals.

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