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About Us

Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd is committed to contributing to scientific research, leading a group of excellent doctoral and graduate students at home and abroad to establish a high-tech enterprise focusing on peptide products, supplemented by amino acids, fluorescent dyes, sugar derivatives and customized synthesis of small molecules.

 At present, Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd has an independent R & D center in Shanghai, equipped with 3000 square meters of R & D and production laboratory, four perfect peptide production lines, waters LC-MS / MS, waters UPLC, waters automatic synthesizer and purifier, Shimadzu LCMS, automatic freeze-drying system, Ultraviolet spectrophotometer and other special precision instruments. We provide our customers with professional and reliable technical services. Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd's monthly capacity reaches >5,000 purified custom peptides. So as to provide cost - effective products and services for scientific research users all over the world


For many years, Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd has been specialized in the synthesis and R & D of fluorescent labeled peptides, sulfonated peptides, phosphorylated peptides, isotope labeled peptides, drug peptides, cosmetic peptides, long and hard peptides. It is committed to improving the scientific research level, building an academic exchange platform and promoting the promotion of cutting-edge and professional academic knowledge, Promote the research and application of peptides in biomedical materials and other fields.


Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd to the development strategy of "dedicated research, high-end quality and high-quality service", Anlianpeptide Co., Ltd  has a professional R & D team, advanced instruments and equipment and leading technical level. It is committed to providing high-quality peptides and related products for scientific researchers and large pharmaceutical enterprises. With rigorous management and excellent equipment, we strive to build an enterprise with core competitiveness.

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